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what's the Anti-fingerprint Glass?

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Anti-fingerprint Glass

Basic Concept:

        According to the principle of lotus leaf, a layer of nanometer chemical materials in the outer surface of the glass coated, the surface tension of glass dropped to the lowest, 90% to reduce dust contact with the glass surface area, so it has a strong hydrophobic, anti oil, anti fingerprint ability; the screen glass panel maintained a long-term effect of bright and clean.



        Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, monitor protection screen, etc. Such as the CRT, LCD, PDP, flat-panel computer monitors, scanners, copiers, fax machines, high-grade instrument panel, etc

anti-finger printing glass

AF features:

1) Anti-fouling: Prevent fingerprints and oil stains from sticking and being easily erased;

2) Anti-scratch: The surface is smooth, feels comfortable, and is not easy to scratch;

3) Thin film: excellent optical performance, without changing the original texture;

4) Wear resistance: true wear resistance

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