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    Glass-ceramic energy-saving heating induction cooker FAQ

    Construction onto an electrically insulating substrate to form a layer of film having a conductivity of 1-20 microns. The film layer can immediately excite the resonance effect between atoms in the case of energization (DC or AC), and release high-energy infrared (far-infrared) lines; the heated substance is under the action of atomic resonance and infrared (far infrared) lines. Can heat up quickly.
    At present, the company has applied this kind of energy-saving electric heating material to “microcrystalline glass”. Through strict and scientific production process, energy-saving materials are prepared on glass-ceramics with temperature resistance above 1400°C, and the use of energy-saving materials is transformed. The "Brown effect" generated by the electric field in the thermal assembly and the collision between the carbon atoms and the molecular group, the friction instantly converts the electrical energy into thermal energy, and the heat is diverged in the form of infrared radiation with a wavelength of 8-14 microns, and the effective electrothermal conversion rate Up to 99.6%, and the electric field is heated, the amount of radial current inside the polymer infrared radiation material is extremely small, ensuring fast energy consumption and long life in safety.
    1. Q:What is the heating power of the glass-ceramics: (1) The larger the glass area, the greater the power?  (2) How to control the heating power of glass?
        A:The power of microcrystalline heating plate is regulated by voltage force and resistance.
    2.Q: The opening or drilling of the microcrystalline glass heating plate: (1) Will it heat up? (2) Will it affect the heating power?
       A: The middle opening of the heating plate will generate heat but affect its power and life.
    3.Q: Is the heating surface of the microcrystalline glass heating plate heating coating balanced? Will it be hot in the middle and the temperature around it is low?
       A: The temperature difference of the surface of the heating plate is 10%, and the temperature difference between the furnace and the temperature is evenly achieved by the wind.
    4.Q: Now many heating tubes are far infrared heating. What are the advantages of our products?
       A: Compared with the heating tube, the heating plate has a wide heating surface, a uniform heating surface, and radiant heat. The latter has a small heating area and a low heat conversion rate.
    5.Q: Is it possible to customize a glass-ceramic heating plate with a small glass area and a large power?
       A: The area of ​​the heating plate is not recommended to be high power, because the surface coating of the heating plate* is resistant to 480 °C unless it can accurately control the temperature.
    6.Q: How much can the power be made in the case where the glass area is proportional to the power? For example: How much can a glass size of 400×150* be made? * How small can you do?
       A: According to the customer's request, the surface temperature of the heating plate and the heating rate are used to develop the power.
    7.Q: 1 kW 500 cm long and 1 kW 1 m long electric heating tube in different sealed space heating speed is different, but is the microcrystalline heating plate also related to the area and film thickness?
      A: related to area and power
    8.Q: It is also a kilowatt far infrared heating tube and a kilowatt microcrystalline heating plate heating. The speed in the same space is 1.5 sec/degree, 2 sec/degree. Does our microcrystalline heating plate have any room for improvement?
       A: The microcrystalline heating plate pays attention to the characteristics of wide heating surface, uniform temperature, strong penetrating power and high heat conversion rate to achieve beyond the ordinary heating body.

  • Q FAQ about Taoxing glass


    1.Q: Is it a factory?

        A: Yes, our company is a reliable partner for a wide range of companies across the Chinese market, we also provide related service.

    2.Q: Is the sample available?

        A: Yes, regular products offer free products, and custom products require you to provide specific drawings.

    3.Q: What kind of glass do you have?

       A:Tempered glass, Frosted glass,Silk Printing glass,Glass Processing as you want,etc...

    4.Q: How to get a quotation?

       A:We need some information, such as size,color ,thickness,quantity,edge, etc.

    5.Q: What is your delivery time?

       A: 1~2 weeks after receiving the deposit.

    6.Q: what color do you have?

       A: As you requirement

    7.Q:what size do you have?

       A: As you requirement

    8.Q:What's the payment term to new customer?

       A:T/T,Paypal,West Union,MoneyGram,Visa,etc.


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