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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
stencil for door line glass.jpg stencil of the TX-4060ST glass screen printing machine, customized stencil available. 1.64MB 7 2023-06-15 Download
Test AF Demo testing the anti finger printing function of glass panel. 22.08MB 1 2023-03-14 Download
海报视频.avi 16.11MB 14 2020-04-02 Download
customer visit our factory.jpg Mr.Hamed spoke highly of our brother factory on behalf of his client and visited factory. 136KB 15 2019-11-14 Download
Customer Reviews.jpg Reviews of a customer who requested the glass cover for Medical Device. 239KB 12 2019-10-10 Download
range hood glass with protective film.jpg 56KB 11 2019-10-10 Download
kitchen range hood control tempered glass samples.jpg #range hood glass 117KB 11 2019-10-10 Download
custom glass panel.avi Move into the new factory,share the video. Welcom to the factory. 5.23MB 15 2019-10-10 Download
wash the glass panel.mp4 wash the gas stove glass panel before silk screen print. 1.68MB 15 2019-10-10 Download
glass for kitchen appliance..avi 15500㎡workshop,9 years' vendor of ROBAM,ISO CCC certificated,focus on kitchen appliance glass panel 5.27MB 11 2019-10-10 Download
drying gas stove glass panel video of drying the gas stove glass panel 1.24MB 119 2019-10-10 Download
glass for gas stove.mp4 Production of the tempered glass panel for gas stove 2.73MB 21 2019-10-10 Download
Waterjet cutting.mp4 Waterjet cutting for the gas stove glass panel,accept custom shape. 4.62MB 20 2019-10-10 Download
gas stove tempered glass panel.jpg Accept custom size and silk screen print glass panel for gas stove 170KB 14 2019-10-10 Download
AG+AR and AG glass.avi AG(anti-glare)+AR(anti-reflect), AR coat on the AG glass makes the glass higher transmittance 3.00MB 14 2019-06-25 Download
Anti-glare tempered glass protector .wmv custom anti-glare tempered glass protector for the display 2.03MB 13 2019-06-20 Download
safety package for glass panel Use special wooden case suitable for shipping,or use fumigation-free plywood to make wooden case. 264KB 13 2019-06-18 Download
cutting glass for LCD cover.wmv cut the ordinary file into the precise size.Accept customized size. 1.29MB 11 2019-06-18 Download
display protection glass.wmv Producing the diplay protection tempered glass. 1.63MB 14 2019-06-18 Download
semi-transparent glass panel Semi-transparent glass panel,it's visible when power on, accept custom. 2.27MB 8 2019-06-18 Download
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