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Why the induction cooker panel uses glass-ceramics?

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What's glass-ceramics?

Glass-ceramics are also known as microcrystalline jade or ceramic glass.Mainly used in induction cookers,high-power induction cookers,commercial induction cookers and other products.It is a comprehensive glass and its scientific name is glass ceramic.The glass to which a specific combination of crystal nucleating agents is added is crystallized under controlled conditions (certain temperature) to become a composite material having a uniform distribution of microcrystals and a glass phase.Glass-ceramics and our common glass look very different.They have the dual characteristics of glass and ceramic. The atomic arrangement inside ordinary glass is irregular,which is one of the reasons for the fragility of glass.

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Why the induction cooker panel uses glass-ceramics

Glass-ceramic,like ceramics, consists of crystals, that is, its atomic arrangement is regular. Therefore, glass-ceramics have higher brightness than ceramics and are more tough than glass. The main reason for the use of glass-ceramics in commercial induction cooker panels is that the properties of glass-ceramics are high in mechanical strength, excellent in insulation performance, low in dielectric loss, stable in dielectric constant, and thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range, resistant to chemical corrosion and abrasion. Good thermal stability and high operating temperature. Planar glass-ceramics are currently widely used in stoves for household induction cookers. Concave-ceramic glass-ceramics refer to glass-ceramics that are concave in shape and resemble the current state of the pot. The main use of the glass-ceramic plate is currently mainly used in high-power commercial induction cookers.

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The dimension of the glass-ceramics for induction?

With the increase in gas prices, the cost of the catering industry, and the perception of cooking without open flames, the number of commercial induction cookers has increased. The demand for concave glass-ceramics will also increase accordingly. Commonly used thickness of 12 ~ 20mm commercial induction cooker plane microcrystalline glass plate conventional size: 250 × 250mm, 300 × 300mm, 350 × 350mm, 450 × 450mm, 500 × 500mm, 600 × 600mm and so on. The conventional dimensions of the concave glass ceramic used in the commercial induction cooker are: diameter 200 mm, diameter 300 mm, diameter 400 mm, diameter 500 mm, and the like.

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