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Why can acrylic replace ordinary glass?

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Why can acrylic replace ordinary glass?

If there is something in the world that makes people look good, it must be a variety of light boxes on the street;

To talk about the colorful light box, you have to talk about its origin - acrylic;

Glass is the earliest thing we touched. In our view, products that are transparent are generally made of glass. We never thought that one day the glass would be eliminated by the acrylic products. Maybe the acrylic products were continuously improved according to the disadvantage of the glass to replace the glass products. What is the acrylic product that jumped on? Let's take a good look at the main reasons why acrylic products replace glass.

1.High transmittance

Acrylic light transmittance is very good, the light transmittance is above 92%, and the ordinary glass transmittance is 85%, so the dyed acrylic acrylic products are crystal clear and beautiful under the sunlight.

2. Excellent insulation effect

        Acrylic has a very good insulation effect, which should be found in many electronic products, such as tablet, mobile phone, computer, audio, TV and other products used in some very small component insulators, if you are in the electronic products When you are repairing, pay attention and see.

3. Strong weather resistance

Acrylic anti-climate ability is very strong, it will not turn yellow and crushed due to exposure and freezing, etc., so that you can clean it is very convenient.

Everyone usually pays attention to the light boxes around the road, the billboards and the covers of the roadside lights. Many of them are made of acrylic materials, no matter the wind, rain, snow, sun, acrylic, light boxes and advertisements. The life of the lampshade is very long, because of the stability of the acrylic material and the light weight. If you think of such a tall light box, if it is made of ordinary glass, people go below every day, if it falls down...

4. Enough environment

Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly. Everyone may encounter it. When the glass is broken, it will be broken. It is to sweep the broom to the garbage bin. Some ordinary glass products are used when moving. Because of the heavy weight, the belt is inconvenient, and it is a pity, but it is a pity. Selling scraps can't sell for a good price. But if there are products made of acrylic materials at home, don't be so defeated. This kind of material waste recycling, the price is very high! Whoever collects the waste, who knows.

5. Strong plasticity

Acrylic's freedom of molding is very high, and it can be processed at will to become the type you really want: because acrylic materials are lighter than ordinary glass materials, and the cutting technology is not complicated, so acrylic products can basically meet the needs of various industries. Needs, such as the common cosmetics display racks, photo frames, watch frames, or large aircraft windows, fighter window covers, tank viewing windows, etc., size, height and thickness, can be made according to customer needs.

6. Strong impact resistance

Acrylic is 20 times more resistant than ordinary glass. This is really true in foreign countries. When a certain thickness of acrylic material is placed in front of the test protection body, the standard American M16 assault rifle is fired continuously. In the face of acrylic materials, it is impossible to penetrate and hit the target, so this is why acrylic is widely used as a bulletproof material in some foreign heads.

7. Strong corrosion resistance

Acrylic's anti-corrosion ability is very strong: this is no exaggeration to tell you that you put strong sulfuric acid directly on the acrylic material, there is no problem at all.

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