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What are the factors affecting the price of custom glass?

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  1. Size and thickness: This is the basic factor. Most of the custom glass is based on the price of the film, the size and thickness of the glass, the consumption of raw materials is not the same, the price is not the same. However, when customizing ultra-thin large-size glass, the price will rise. The ultra-thin glass is very fragile in production and transportation, and the breakage rate is high, especially on the shore, the price will definitely be high.

  2. Performance and demand: tempered glass, bulletproof glass, coated glass, etc. Different glass properties mean that the manufacturer's deep processing procedures are different, and the price is definitely different.

  3. Deep processing: glass punching, slotting, bending, profile and other processing methods, if it is a glass original film, it is not affected by these factors, but if deep processing is required, any process means this There are costs inside.

  4. The distance of the delivery place: The market radiation of general architectural glass is about 500 kilometers. If it is more than 500 kilometers, it will not be competitive. For example, if the Inner Mongolia Glass Factory delivers to Shanghai, there is no Shanghai local glass factory to make money if it loses money. The product is cheap. The proportion of freight within 500 kilometers is not high. When production control is better, transportation costs can be neglected.

  5. Order quantity:Needless to say,almost no one glass will be produced for you, and the quantity will be favorable, and the large quantity can save the production capacity of the glass factory, and the cost can be much lower.

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