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What Is Silk Screen Printing Glass?

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What is silk screen printing glass?


Silk screen glass, also called screen printing glass, is custom-made by transferring silk screen images to glass and then processing them in a horizontal tempering furnace. Each light is screen printed with the desired pattern and ceramic enamel frit color. The ceramic frit can be silk screen printed on a glass substrate in one of three standard patterns (dot, line, hole) or in full coverage applications. In addition, you can easily duplicate custom patterns on glass. Depending on the pattern and color, the glass light can be transparent, translucent, or opaque.

Chemically tempered glass is a kind of glass with increased strength as a result of chemical process after production. When broken, it still shatteth with long pointed fragments like float glass. For this reason, it is not regarded as a safety glass, and if safety glass is necessary, it is necessary to stick together. However, chemically tempered glass usually has 6 to 8 times the strength of float glass.

The glass is chemically strengthened by the surface finishing process. Dip the glass in a bath containing potassium salt (typically potassium nitrate) at 300 ° C (572 ° F). This replaces sodium ions on the glass surface with potassium ions from the bath solution.

Since these potassium ions are larger than the sodium ions, they move into the gaps left by the smaller sodium ions as they move to the potassium nitrate solution. By replacing this ion, the surface of the glass becomes compressed and the core compensates for the tension. Surface compression of chemically strengthened glass can reach 690 MPa.


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#What is silk screen printing glass?

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