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Processing arc advantage and temperature control of hot bending glass

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Hot bending glass is a glass that is processed according to the mold shape. Of course, not all shapes are suitable for hot bending glass, and its processing must also have certain safety and scientificity. If it is used as a building hot bending glass, its safety is the primary factor to consider. The shape of the hot-bend glass can be changed, and the color can be customized according to the needs, so it is loved by designers and the public.

So hot bending glass can process so many shapes, what is the arc that can be processed?

Hot bending glass usually has a working arc of 0 to 360 degrees, which is one of its advantages. If it is bent steel, the radius can only be processed to about two meters.

In the process of processing the shape of the hot-bending glass, the problem of dark and light chromatic aberration is easy to occur. To solve this problem, it is necessary to correctly select the hot-bent ink. When using the ink, pay attention to

1. The temperature of hot-bending glass sintering is between 580 and 650 °C. The selected ink should be suitable for the sintering temperature and is specially used for hot bending glass.

2. In the process of silk screen printing, it is easy to print the ink onto the glass stick tin surface, and the color of the hot bend glass ink after molding will appear as a whole redness. To avoid this kind of defect, you only need to distinguish the sticky tin surface and the non-stick tin surface of the glass during silk screen printing, and evenly print the ink onto the sticky tin surface.

The processing of hot-bending glass needs to pay attention to the ink and the curvature. Temperature control is also very important. If the temperature is too high or too low, the molding time is too short or too long to process the perfect hot-bending glass. Different hot-bending glass, thickness, radius of curvature, size and other parameters will be different. At this time, it is necessary to tailor the body to set the molding temperature and molding time of different hot-bending glass.

The processing of hot bending glass is a technical activity, and its quality is related to the experience of production operators, the advancement of equipment, and the standardization of production processes. Actively update equipment, improve production and processing methods, and produce products that meet market needs in order to be eliminated by the market.

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