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How to use the hood tempered glass panel properly?

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How to use the hood tempered glass panel properly?

What kind of kitchen hood can be considered a good hood? Some people say it must easy to clean and maintain. 

Cooktop materials are mainly made of stainless steel and tempered glass. The stainless steel cooktop is firm, smooth and beautiful in appearance, but the surface is difficult to clean when after long-term using. Relatively speaking, the tempered glass cooktop is beautiful and easy to clean. It is more easy to be bright after long-term using, so it's popular in many users. Now, such panels may occasionally experience glass loss during long-term using. So how should we maintain tempered glass panels?

Usually, we call the part to where we face and also button interface located "panels" . The glass panel is usaully detachable as the control module inside, and it's also part that needs to clean frequently.

When cleaning the tempered glass hood, be careful, not to scrub with hard objects such as acid, alkali cleaner or iron planer. Also, wipe the oil stains, vinegar, soy sauce and water splashed on the glass surface.

Tempered glass has good heat resistance and shock resistance. Even if the tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will trun into a granular object and will not damage users.

In general, the tempered glass panel is not easy to adhere to oil stains, and easy to clean. It's worth recommending.

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