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How to choose the panel material of the gas stove?

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On the whole, while focusing on safety, easy cleaning, energy saving and high efficiency, the stoves also began to pay attention to the overall matching with other kitchen appliances - the overall kitchen concept. The cooker panel materials are also beginning to use more stainless steel, tempered glass and cold-rolled sheets. These three panel materials can meet the needs of easy cleaning of kitchen products, and can be easily cleaned in more kitchens. Used in more kitchen appliances.

(1) Cold and hot rolled steel sheet

The main panel material of the desktop is painted on the surface of the hot and cold rolled steel sheet. It has good process performance, is easy to manufacture and has low cost. Moreover, this material can be made into a colorful panel. The surface painting should be even and even without blistering. Or the phenomenon of falling off, it is very suitable for residents' needs for room decoration and decoration, so it has become the main panel material of gas cookers.

However, the disadvantage of this type of panel is that after a period of use, due to the complicated use environment in the kitchen, salt, acid, alkali, etc. may affect the coating, or frequent collisions may cause the coating to be scratched, or The coating peeled off. Therefore, there are currently more applications in low-end desktops.

(2) Mainstream stainless steel panels in the market

Stainless steel panels are mainly used in medium and high-grade products, accounting for about 70%. The stainless steel panel not only has an elegant appearance, but also forms a uniform style with other kitchen appliances. Caigang has a considerable proportion in the products sold by the company, and has become the panel with the largest sales volume. The stainless steel panel is mainly made of matt surface.

It should be said that in terms of service life, stainless steel panels are still longer. Consumers are more worried about the shedding of the coating and the bursting of the panel will not occur, so that the quality of the product is guaranteed. In addition, because the cost of stainless steel is relatively expensive, many manufacturers use thinner stainless steel to make the panel in order to reduce the cost, and the pressure resistance is reduced, which directly affects the life of the gas stove.

(3) tempered glass panel

Since the past two or three years, the cooker has used a large number of tempered glass panels and peace, mostly to meet the needs of the integrated kitchen. From the perspective of long-term competition, it is still not comparable to stainless steel. Since the tempered glass panel cooktops have been on the market, they have been welcomed by consumers with high-grade, easy-to-clean and aesthetic features that are in line with modern home decoration. Now, the built-in glass panels for the upper and lower winds have been replaced by the safer rear inlet type. Midea has set up a "fire barrier" technology, which is placed around the burner to completely isolate the panel from the burner. At the same time, the heat generated by the burner, including radiant heat, convection, conduction heat, etc., is completely isolated from the glass panel, thereby preventing the local temperature of the glass panel from being too high and bursting. Only 4 of these products have problems, and they are caused by improper consumer operations, not product technical issues.

Tempered glass panel cooktops are technically seeking breakthroughs, and it will take some time to overcome some of the incentives that could lead to bursts and eliminate consumer influence. From the perspective of the company's reaction, it is more optimistic than other panel tempered glass.

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