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Tips for choosing clear tempered glass or matte tempered glass

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Nowadays Screen protector has become an indispensable protective clothing for our mobile devices. And there are various types(different functions, different technologies) of tempered glasses screen protectors that are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of different groups. Sometimes some customers ask me what’s the difference between clear(HD) tempered glass and matte(frosted) tempered glass? Which type should they choose? Now I would like to share with you guys some info about them according to my knowledge and experiences in this industry as a manufacturer.

2.1 Advantages:

        (1) Good sound insulation effect: When manufacturing soundproof glass, it can be made of frosted glass, because frosted glass has good effect on sound insulation. If frosted glass is used to make soundproof glass, the soundproof glass produced is very good. In the production of soundproof glass, frosted glass is often used to produce soundproof glass, but as more glass is produced, the frosted glass is replaced by other products.

        (2) High degree of safety: frosted glass is a kind of safety glass, which is safe to use and ensures personal safety. Glass is fragile. After being subjected to external force, glass is easily broken and used. It is very unsafe, and if the glass is damaged, it also increases the cost of the user. However, if the frosted glass is used, it not only solves the safety problem well, but also the price is relatively low, and the use time is relatively long.

        (3) Protection of privacy: frosted glass looks from the surface, can not see the situation inside the room, gives a very fuzzy feeling, very good to ensure the privacy of the room. Although it looks very vague from the surface, but Looking from the inside out, it is very clear, and it will not affect the lighting, and the indoor lighting is also very good.

        2.2 Disadvantages:

        (1) The frosted glass can no longer be cut and reworked, and the glass can only be processed to the required shape during processing, and then tempered.

        (2) Although the strength of frosted glass is stronger than ordinary glass, frosted glass has the possibility of self-explosion when the temperature difference is changed greatly, and ordinary glass does not have the possibility of self-explosion.

        (3) The surface of the frosted glass will have unevenness and the thickness will be slightly thinned. Therefore, the frosted glass cannot be mirrored.

Hope the above explaining is helpful, if you have some comments, let’s communicate them together. 

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